5 Refreshing Summer Mocktails to Beat the heat

Hot summer days beg for cool, refreshing drinks. Occasionally you may not even realize you're thirsty until a big glass pitcher full of water and lemon is put in front of you. Usually, people do not choose water to quench their thirst. Now if you believe, water is dull, then it is time for you to get a hold of just a few simple ingredients to make your very own homemade summer refreshments that you could sip on with a smile. From summer Mocktails to that perfect glass of lemonade, here are 5 refreshing summer drink recipes to keep you cool all season long. 

Refreshing Summer Mocktail recipes
Mint Crush 
  • Place mint in a blender and add 1 cup of water. Blend until smooth.
  • Strain to extract juice.
  • Chill juice till serving time.
  • At the time of serving to add Guruji Kerry Pudina, rock salt, pepper to the mint juice.
  • Put ice cubes in each glass. Divide the mint juice in 4-5 glasses.
  • Top with lemonade in each glass stir.
  • Garnish the glass with mint sprig & lemon slice.
  • Serve immediately.
 Adraki Shikanjee
  •           Boil Sugar and ½ cup water, Sim for 2 Minutes.
  •           Remove from the Burner and cool it.
  •           Mix Guruji Lemon Ginger, ginger juice, Guruji Lemon Barley, roasted cumin powder, salt, rock salt (kala namak) in    large jug.
  •           Add 4 cups of chilled water & stir.
  •           Pour into glasses with a lemon slice.
  •           Serve immediately.

Khus Soda

  • Prepare syrup-boil sugar & water.
  • Keep the burner on for 2 minutes after the 1st boil
  • Remove from burner and let it cool.
  • Add guruji khus syrupguruji lemon barley syrup, lemon juice. Chill the syrup.
  • Serve. Put 4-5 tbs. of syrup in a tall glass. Put 1 tsp of ice cream and stir.
  • Put 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream, pour half of the soda & serve with spoon & straw.

 Pina Colada

  • Mix pineapple juice,  coconut milk, Guruji pineapple crush, ice cream and ice cubes in a blender.
  • Pour the chilled Limca, Guruji Lemon Barley in the mixer and blend again.
  • Serve immediately with pineapple wedges & cherry sticks.

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