Winter Tips To Stay Healthy

As the weather starts to change, probably the first thing that crosses your mind is the risk of getting sick, and with good reason.The changes in weather, temperature and light this time of year have physical and psychological effects on your body that in turn can have a major impact on your overall health.
“As the cool weather sets in its easy to lose motivation to exercise and eat well but there are plenty of ways to combat the winter blues and look after your health and wellbeing all year round.”
 For a good health it is vital to include both soluble and insoluble fibre daily in your diet. Soluble fibre is found in foods such as psyllium husk, apples, oat bran , chickpeas & lentils. Sources of insoluble fibre include whole grains, broccoli, nuts, seeds and vegetable skins.
Staying well hydrated is again very necessary, drink atleast  500ml of water before breakfast. A glass of Kesar Badam or kesar pista on a regular basis will give you more energy, mental clarity and enhanced digestive function.
It is very essential to take 8 hours of sleep. This is the time when the body is most effective at fighting with bacteria, viruses, together with other foreign invaders. It is the time when the body restores itself back to health. You need to engage in exercises or yoga this increases the blood circulation and secretes happy hormones. 
Stay Healthy.....Happy Winters!!

Winter Beverage, Kesar Badam

    Kesar Badam as the name mentions, is a  thickened milk based drink which is infused with the flavours of  almonds and saffron. Kesar badam boosts immunity, cognitive and rejuvenates your body. It  can  be served hot or Cold. In tastes best when chilled and in winter it tastes best when hot. Whether hot or cold, it always tops the list as it is most liked drink by almost everyone, specially guruji kesar Badam.  As Milk, almonds and saffron are the main ingredients, this drink possesses immense health benefits.
 Milk is an excellent source of calcium, proteins, vitamins especially A and B. It builds your muscles and makes your bones, teeth stronger.It has amino acids that helps in keeping  skin moisturised. It acts as a de-stress agent, so taking warm milk before sleep relaxes muscles and soothes nerves. 
Almonds are heavily packed with essential vitamins, minerals, proteins. They are one of the healthiest nuts.They are an excellent source of vitamin E, magnesium, high grade protein and high levels of unsaturated fatty acids. Consumption of almonds increases Vitamin E levels in blood that acts as powerful antioxidants defending the cells from damage. It reduces the cholesterol levels thereby reducing the heart disease risks. Almonds are very good for your skin 
Saffron popularly known as Kesar (zafran)is also called as ‘Gold Spice’ . It is well known for its colour, aroma and medicinal properties. Saffron is very good source of potassium manganese, iron and selenium. It is used as medicine for Asthma, cough or cold to loosen the phlegm. Saffron imparts exotic aroma and flavour to the dishes making it royal. They are best for skin as it has natural skin glowing qualities.
With all the benefits of Milk, almonds and saffron, this kesar badam tops the list of energy drink.

Tips to Stay Healthy in Monsoon Season

We are so good to welcome the monsoon showers after experiencing the scorching summer heat. But monsoons do bring certain health risks. Our body is more susceptible to health issues in rainy season, because monsoon reduces the immunity power of our body. Our body constantly gets affected with allergies, infections, indigestion problems, so we must keep our body resistant against such diseases. The humidity in the atmosphere is usually high in this season; as a result the body’s digestive capability goes down. The important point to keep in mind is that you must avoid oily food, street food or any type of food that is prepared in bulk else there is a possibility that it upsets your stomach.


Nutritional Tips in Monsoon:

The damp and filthy conditions in monsoon plays a host for many disease causing germs, which cause some serious health attacks like dengue, malaria, conjunctivitis, typhoid, viral fever, pneumonia, gastro intestinal disturbances, diarrhea and dysentery. If your immune system is weak you are supposed to catch these diseases instantly. To maintain healthy diet and protect you from such ill causes during the rainy season these countermeasures have to be taken.

  • If you are not eating fruits, then you must start eating them. Fruits are a very rich source of many minerals and vitamins that we fail to consume on daily basis. If you don’t like eating fruits raw, then you could opt for   Mixed Fruit Jam that have high fruit pulp content.
  • Have medium to low salt food and avoid heavy salty food as they are responsible for high blood pressure and water retention.
  • Body’s immunity can be increased by adding a  saffron in your diet,one glass of  kesar sharbat in morning is good to start your day.
  • Drinking more water is always advisable for a healthy lifestyle. If you are going to mix a healthy drink option with the water, then you could double up the benefit. For example, Guruji has loads of yummy squash options that can be mixed with water to replenish energy during monsoon time, swad bhi sehat bhi.
  • Consuming bitter vegetables like bitter gourd, and bitter herbs like neem, turmeric powder and methi seeds help in preventing infections.Consume drying oils like corn oil or light oil and avoid heavy oils like sesame oil, peanut oil and mustard oil as they fall in first place to invite infections.

  • People who face skin allergies during rainy seasons must avoid spicy foods. Spicy foods raise body temperature and stimulate blood circulation and it leads to allergies and skin irritation. Other problems such as boils, change in skin color dullness, rashes, pyodera are also some skin damaging effects which arise in this season.Avoid naturally sour foods like tamarind, tomatoes and lime in your diet as it promotes water retention.

  • Astringent, mildly bitter and pungent foods must be best served this season.

Ye Diwali Guruji Wali


    The beginning of the festive season is also just the beginning of entertaining guests at home. Guruji is trying to make  life simpler by sharing these simple, delicious and adventurous mocktail recipes for you to welcome your guests with.


Grilled Pineapple Slush

The flavours of this pineapple slush are a beautiful of mix of sweet char grilled pineapples, chatpata chaat masala and plenty of crushed ice. When fresh pineapples are not in season you can easily use Guruji pineapple squash  to make this drink anytime of the year.


Mango Flamenco 

  • Take tall stemmed glasses and place 3-4 ice cubes in each glass.
  • Pour guruji khus syrup.
  • Gently tilt the glass a little and gently pour crush at the bottom.
  • Gradually add guruji mango juice.
  • So it does not disturb the two layers. Fill ¾ glass.
  • Top with lemon ginger and pour little soda. Top with crushed ice.
  • Garnish by fixing slit cherry, mint, lemon slice on the rim of the glass.
  • Insert a stirrer

Adraki Shikanjee

  • Boil Sugar and ½ cup water, Sim for 2 Minutes.
  • Remove from the Burner and cool it.
  • Mix Guruji Lemon Ginger syrup , ginger juice, Guruji Lemon Barley, roasted cumin powder, salt, rock salt (kala namak) in large jug.
  • Add 4 cups of chilled water & stir.
  • Pour into glasses with lemon slice.
  • Serve immediately.

Chandan Almond Shake

  • Put the washed grapes in a cooker and add 6 cups of water.
  • After two whistles remove it from burner.
  • Let it cool.
  • Place the mixture in blender & blend smooth. Pour the juice through the strainer.
  • Add guruji Fruit Cordial & salt. Mix roughly the chopped mint leaves to grape juice. Chill it.
  • To serve, place few ice cubes in a glass and pour the juice.
  • Decorate with mint leaves.

Albela Pyala

  • Blend awla & Guruji’s awla Sharbat with crushed ice.
  • Add salt, pepper & sauce. Blend.
  • Put in tall stemmed glass about ¼.
  • Add crushed ice & top with soda or lemonade.
  • Garnish with lemon slice.

"Thandai" is a smart Drink!!!

Apart from Refreshing........

It Prevents Cancer & Heart diseases.


Twenty first century is the century of smartness. Gadgets we use in our day to day life are getting smarter with each passing day.

Every now and then we receive massages and posts on our smart phones suggesting eating healthy stuff and drinking nutritious beverages only.

We are more focused on our health and fitness. The modern lifestyle has brought several problem as it compels us remain on our toes always. In order to remain energetic, we always look

for instant energizer. Apart from soft drink and juices people consume Nimbu pani, butter milk and shikanji to be refreshed. We forget that is a drink discovered by our forefathers which is more refreshing, more energizing and healthier than the soft drinks, and other summer drinks. It is THANDAI.


Thandai is not only a smart choice for all of us but it is in fact a smart drink!!! It is a smart drink because it’s kid friendly and adult pleasing. It is also budget friendly and loaded with such healthy properties that no other drink in the world can offer. Thandai prevents cancer and heart diseases. Needless to say that it is also a source of instant energy and rejuvenates the consumer.


Why Thandai has savvy healthy properties attached to it......?

We will have to look into the ingredients. It is made of Fennel seeds, pepper corn,

Watermelon seeds , saffron and milk which is used in our traditional drink Thandai.

After years of research scientist have proved that all the said ingredients have amazing ability to not only give us required nutrition but also enables’ us to subside fatal diseases like  cancer, it also

Keeps our heart healthy  too.

Just have a look at the healthy properties presents in Thandai.


1. Fennel Seeds: Posses volatile oils which are known for its anti-oxidants, anti-flatulence and cooling properties.

2. Pepper corn: It contains piperine and mineral like magnesia, Zink, calcium, iron and vitamin 'A'.

3. Watermelon Seeds: One of the best sources of energy "Protein and iron".

4. Rose Petals: Good for our digestive system and menstrual irregulation.

5. Almonds: Healthy fats, vitamin E and a known anti-oxidant which prevents cancer.

6. Poppy Seeds: Contain iron, phosphors and fibres. It also contains Thiamine and riboflavin and vitamin B. The presence of linoleic acid protects heart attacks and other heart disorders.

6. Saffron: It has therapeutic applications. It is anti-septic, anti-dispersant, anti-oxidant, digestive and anti convulsant.

7. Milk: It is a complete food. A very good source of calcium and protein. Cold milk is antacid and has a cooling effect on our body.

It is therefore suggested by all the modern day nutritionist and doctors that making a habit of consuming Thandai at least twice a day will keep you healthy, refreshing and smart whole day.

the pioneer of Thandai making "Guruji" was smart enough to know the benefits of its product even 50 years back.


Who We Are

We are Guruji Products, a name synonymous to Quality and Purity.

Guruji Products, the flag bearers in the market of branded Thandai, carries a prosperous legacy achieved legacy achieved by an endless quest of science and honest work that has been continued since last fifty years.


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